Slash has wardrobe malfunction on stage, accidentally exposes crowd his testicles

Rock News 30/11/2017

There are 101 puns we could make about this story, but we'll try and limit them for everyone's sake.

Guns N' Roses guitarist Slash suffered a minor wardrobe malfunction during a recent concert, when his pants slashed in the crotch area, exposing his inner leg and possibly his b-bag to the thousands of punters in attendance.

He must've caught a cool breeze on the ol' snakepit, because he was quick to recover by placing his acoustic guitar between his legs. The smooth bastard didn't even skip a beat and continued to play like nothing happened. What a fuckin ledge.

We love Axl, but it's not often you see a bigger ballbag than him on stage than him during a GNR gig - so well done mate.