Josh Homme responds to critics of new Queens Of The Stone Age album

Rock News 07/12/2017

"If 15 percent of the people don't hate you, you suck," Homme says.

In our case - if 50% of the people hate us - does that mean we are over-achieving? No? Ok, move on.

Queens Of The Stone Age frontman Josh Homme has reponded to critics of his band's latest album, Villains, saying that if you don't have haters, you ain't doing something right.

If 15 percent of people don't hate you, you suck.

Villains, produced by Mark Ronson, was a bit of a different sound from QOTSA's usual work. More funky, more upbeat, something you definitely can tap your feet to - however some fans haven't been too high on the album's pop and dance-leaning sound.

But it's feedback Homme said he was expecting to get. In an interview with The Current, he said "it would be safe to understand that I might have known that that was going to happen".

He continues.

I do believe that there’s no stasis or static in life. You’re growing or dying. And, I feel if I’m challenging myself and if we’re challenging each other, we’re going in the right direction. The by-product of that is that anyone that’s into us should expect the poke in the chest because we’re doing it to ourselves first.

"Part of me thinks that every time we put something out, we may lose 20 percent of the people. That 20 percent of the people might go: ‘It’s changed! Where’s my band that I had?’ You can pre-suppose that. I told this to Ronson, ‘If 15 percent of the people don’t hate you, you suck.’

"He said: ‘I’m just trying to get it to 40.'”

Good shit guys.

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