Marilyn Manson's pants fall down during concert, makes roadie pick them up

Vids 17/01/2018

During a recent show in Las Vegas, halfway through performing "Beautiful People", Marilyn Manson found himself smack-bang in the middle of a wardrobe malfunction where his pants slipped and fell down to his ankles.

His pants were down for a freaking long time, until one of his roadies rushed on to stage to help whip them back up.

Before you start thinking he's just being a massive diva or a total dickwad to his roadies, remember that Manson is still recovering from a broken leg from when a giant stage prop collapsed onto the rockstar last year. He's still in a cast and brace (thus why he's moving around like Ozzy Osbourne on a good day) so basic things like pulling your own pants up are a little bit harder. So fair dues.

Also - a rando female fan jumped on to stage and flashed her boobs and twerked for the crowd. Thankfully after his pants were pulled up.

Skip to 2:15 in the video for the moment his pants fall down. 4:15 for the girl, you horny little bastards.