The Arctic Monkeys just released a new logo, the first look at a new era for the band

Arctic Monkeys 12/02/2018

Arctic Monkeys are making their highly anticipated return for Europe's 2018 Summer (our Winter), and fingers are firmly crossed for an Arctic Monkeys' show on our shores before the end of the year - but what's even more exciting is the very distinct possibility of a sixth album, that feels all the more likely now they've dropped a new logo. 

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The Arctic Monkeys have just given their website a refresher, adding all their upcoming tour dates to the front page along with the above new and very minimal logo. 

They haven't updated their logo in seven years - the bold below number was associated with the marketing for the last two of their albums; 'Suck It And See' and 'AM' (2011-2017)

We'll give you a refresher on all their previous logos to help you see what this new one likely indicates.  

For album three; 'Humbug'  the Arctic Monkeys headed to the desert to work with Josh Homme, which seemed to be reflected in the curly creative branding used below.

Album two; 'Favourite Worst Nightmare; spawned this spindly, retro look, synoynmous with their famous official poster witrh them all floating in a boat.   

And for their ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ debut they went with more of a type writer, school-book look.  

It's hard to say what the new logo means as far as how album six will sound, but the logo certainly has a digitalised flavour, ecspecially when compared to the free flowing logos from their past.

Perhaps the new Arctic Monkeys music have more of an electro-rock flavour? Time will tell... One things for sure, a new Arctic Monkeys era is here and we're hyped.