The Smashing Pumpkins have finished their album but who's on bass duty?

Smashing Pumpkins 09/02/2018

looks like Smashing Pumpkins have finished their new album, based off William Corgan's latest update on Instagram, captioned: 

“OK, so today is absolutely, officially the last day of studio work,” wrote Corgan, “and it will be a fun one as we are recording live strings for a few songs I’ve done the arrangements for. The pic here is of me at an M400 Mellotron (think the opening of Strawberry Fields and you get the picture).”

However, who will be playing bass on their latest offering is unclear. Corgan also recently took to Instagam (the social media platform appears to be his top choice of communication these days) to shoot down rumours that his beef with D'Arcy Wretsky had been settled and that she'd be back on the Smashing Pumpkins 2018 album. 

He also confirmed neither himself, Ihu or Schroeder would be plucking the four strings.

So who the hell is it!? Time will tell. But hey, new Smashing Pumpkins!