There's a shit load of Kiwi's heading to East Coast Beaches and getting their kit off tonight and you're invited

naked 02/03/2018

There will be more than just one full moon out on Friday night as nudists flock to east coast beaches for an annual skinny-dipping event.

For many people, Skinny Dipping Down a Moonbeam will be their first venture into nudism.

"The cover of darkness does tend to give people a little bit more courage," Free Beaches national president Wendy Lowe told Newshub.

"A few drinks always helps as well," she added, thankful the event falls on a weekend this year.

"A lot of a people want to do something different at the end of the week."

Skinny Dipping Down a Moonbeam is held at the end of summer each year while it's still warm enough. Christchurch in particular usually has a good turnout because that's where it all began.

"We're hoping it will have picked up in other locations, too. We just generally encourage people to experience to naked lifestyle."

Ms Lowe says for first-timers, the best approach is to let go of inhibitions.

"The best thing they can do is go to the Free Beaches website and find out if there's a group going along at a beach near you. They can ring the organiser and talk to them about any concerns.

"But if they've made the decision to take that first step, [they're] obviously already in a slightly more positive frame of mind."

Beaches holding official events, from Auckland down to Christchurch, will have people around with torches and likely a buddy system set-up, Ms Lowe says.

"I'm not sure how dark it will be tonight of course because the full moon rises earlier [at 8:15pm].

"But just remember to go to an east coast beach where the moonlight hits the water."

Free Beaches' Skinny Dipping Down a Moonbeam is held in conjunction with the NZ Nudist Federation.