Adam Jones confirms Tool are recording their new album this March

tool 20/02/2018

After 11 long years since the last time we got any new Tool, we're suddenly getting more updates than we know how to cope with, eating the elephant here, eh? 

Drummer Danny Carey is deadset on a new album by 2018.

Guitarist Adam Jones said earlier this year: "Music is done. Lyrics coming in hard." 

Last weekend, Maynard took to his Twitter saying lyrics are bloody close to being finished, and by bloody close we mean all tracks bar ONE! 

And now Adam Jones has come out and said they'll be linking up with Maynard for a few weeks in March and actually recording the beast.  

Rage Against The Machine's Tom Morello got a sneak preview late last year and described what he heard as: 

"Epic, majestic, symphonic, brutal, beautiful, tribal, mysterious, deep, sexy and VERY Tool. Really great." 

Literally foaming at the mouth on that. Can't wait to hear the record when it's finished.

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