Arctic Monkeys' album release date just got announced and it's hella imminent

Arctic Monkeys 16/03/2018

The sixth Arctic Monkeys' album is one of the most highly anticipated music releases for 2018.

We know it's coming this year, but a new fan post including a selfie with AM drummer Matt Helders, suggests we could be getting our ears wrapped around new AM in as little as two months. 

The fan - a smily lad named George Evans - captioned his image: "Matt Helders likes cheesy chips and gravy. Next AM album out in May. 

To be honest, Helders looks less than stoked to be in the picture, he might have revealed the information in a lapse of judgment just to get the over enthusiastic George Evans to piss off, and let than man enjoy his poutine in peace. 

No, it's not an official announcement, but an announcement all the same. And the intenret is in a bloody frenzy over the news.  

Lines up perfectly with Alex Turner saying a new single is "coming soon", only a couple weeks ago. 

Please let it be true. We're foaming over this album. 

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