The Killers are celebrating 'Mr. Brightside' hitting its 200th consecutive week in the charts

The Killers 21/03/2018

Fourteen years ago The Killers released 'Mr Brightside'. This week marks the track's 200th week in the UK top 100. 

How? Well, in 2014, the UK charts introduced streaming data and found 'Mr Brightside' was still bloody well loved. 

In the last year alone the Official Charts Company reports that ‘Mr Brightside’ has been streamed 45 million times and has averaged 878,000 plays and 696 downloads per week in 2018 already.

Mr. Brightside is the most streamed track released before 2010, EVER. 

Essentially, it's the song of a generation. Dig it or not, chance are you've been cooked on a dancefloor, belting out every single lyric, word-for-word in an impromptu mass sing-a-long. 

And if you haven't either your lying, or you were so steamed you can't remember.