Keith Richards reckons drugs these day are too "bland" for his taste

The Rolling Stones 02/03/2018

Has Keith Richards kicked his drug habit?

With a huge tour kicking off in the UK shortly, the eccentric Rolling Stones guitarist is on the media circuit once again.

In a recent interview with The Telegraph, the hedonistic fella claimed that his only bad habits these days are coffee and cigarettes. 

“Drugs are not interesting these days,” Richard said. “They are very institutionalised and bland. And, anyway, I’ve done ’em all.

Who even are you? 

“I’m not saying I’m definitely off all of this stuff,” 

Okay, okay, sounds a little more like the Keith Richards we know and love. 

“In six months’ time, I might be on it again."

There he is.

"But at the moment, for a couple of months, I haven’t touched it.”

He even described sobriety as “novel”.