Blink-182 are currently working on new music

Blink 182 27/04/2018

Turn the lights off and carry me home, cause Blink-182 members Travis and Mark have recently posted snaps to their Instagram story's showing Blink back in the studio. 

Bloody exciting stuff. This is the first time we've seen the boys back in the studio since they released California in 2016.

At this point it looks like Travis and Mark will be working with Matt Skiba again as vocalist, while former vocalist and founding member, Tom DeLonge continues his pursuit to expose the US government's extra terrestial secrets. #AliensExist. 

Although, neither Matt OR Tom are seen in these recent snaps - Not to mention Tom's laid some heavy hints about working with his old bandmates in recent social posts...  

Either way, we'll be getting some new Blink-182 in the not so distant future.  

Check out the snaps below.