Steven Adler tells Bryce about how he helped revive Nikki Sixx from a near fatal OD

The Morning Rumble 24/05/2018

Steven Adler turned up to the Rock HQ, loaded with some of the most rock & roll yarns we've ever heard.

From getting cooked on cocaine with Lars Ulrich, backstage during Metallica's Justice For All tour and cocking up the giant Lady Justice, to smashing guitars in hotel rooms with James Hetfield, to saving Nikki Sixx's life...

The rock star has just recently celebrated four years sober. What a turn around. Onya Steven.

However, no harm in reminiscing back to the pioneering days of sex, drugs and rock and roll. 

Steven's in Auckland for his a one-night only show tonight, with a Q&A with Steven and his mum Deanna, hosted by Bryce, followed by Steven Adler and his band playing Appetite For Destruction, in its entirety.

How good?