Guns N Roses drop the never-before-seen music video for 'It's So Easy'

Guns n Roses 23/05/2018

Ahead of the highly anticipated deluxe reissue of Appetite for Destruction, Guns N' Rose have shared the previously unseen 'It's So Easy' music video.

The clip was shot back in 1989, inside the infamous LA rock club The Cathouse. After it was filmed it stayed locked in the GNR vaults, allegedly unfinished, until now. 

Rock folklore suggests the music video never saw daylight because it was rejected by MTV for being too sexual.

It does flick between live footage of the band and some raunchy flashes scantily clad ladies... Fairly PG for 2018s standards though - we have a feeling they've censored some of the naughtier footage. 

Axl Rose explains in the video: "We’re making this for the home video. Actually that’s wrong, it’ll be on the home video, but what we’re making this for is ourselves."

So, like, you know if we made a nice video for MTV, we put it out, we’d sell more records and sh*t. But instead, we’re gonna spend a hundred and fifty grand just to make something we want to see.

Here at The Rock we're fizzing for the Appetite for Destruction: Locked N' Loaded Edition. It's out June 29th, and is expected to contain a whopping 73 tracks.