In memory of Chris Cornell, The Rock crew reflect on some of his best performances

Chris Cornell 18/05/2018

18th of May will forever be a black day for rock. This time last year Chris Cornell shook the world with his devastating suicide.

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In memory of one of rock's finest, The Rock crew share their favourite Chris Cornell performances.

Rog: "Highlight ..his version of The Beatles - A Day In The Life."

 "He kicked off his last show here in Auckland with 'Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart and you knew it was going to be a intimate show. Was a really special moment." 

Jeremy: "'Nothing Compares 2 You'. That's outstanding. Also, he recorded it BEFORE Prince died..."

Bryce: "Chris and Chester singing 'Hunger Strike.'" 

Jen: "His last tour here about 3 years ago was an acoustic tour and he brought this guy called Brian on tour with him who was a YouTube star famous for doing covers of Cornell's music on his double bass ... it was very cool! There are several vids on YouTube from that tour.

Weekend Lee:  "His first acoustic show here in NZ (October 4, 2011) He opened with this song and it absolutely floored me!" 

Brad the boss: "Got to meet CC after the show, had wife with me...she was wearing rock’n’roll leather pants - Cornell reached over and put his hand on her leg and said ‘nice pants’ - then winked at me with a look like ‘ I’m touching your mrs and you love it."

(Brad seemed to misunderstand the performance element of this question, however holy shit, the man always has a good yarn.)
Chris, you'll be forever missed. R.I.P. Frisbee.