WATCH: Maynard begs his band mates to finish the new Tool album, live on stage

tool 17/05/2018

When it comes to this new Tool album we're all becoming impatient cretins.


And it looks like none other than ol' mate Maynard James Keenan is on that cretin train with us. 

At Northern Invasion, a recent music festival in the US, Tool headlined and frontman Maynard took to the staged dressed in riot gear.  

Explaining his outfit choice, he announced to the crowd: 

"I'm afraid of bananas and other forms of fruit because eventually you wonderful people are going to run out of fucking patience. So I beg you Danny, Adam, and Justin, please finish your parts so I can finish mine."

How good? Maynard razzing the boys. 

Watch it in the fan filmed video above.