Tenacious D just announced a sequel for Pick of Destiny

Tenacious D 08/05/2018

"Since the beginning of time 'twas written in the stones that one day a band would come. Well that band has come and now they are here to cum again in your ear pussies."

Jack Black took to the stage at Shaky Knees Music Festival on Sunday (May 6) to announce that the Tenacious D: Pick Of Destiny sequel is real and she's coming soon. 

 “I don’t know where you’ll be able to see it, but we have decided that it’s happening and it’s coming out,” Black explained. 

This might surprise you, but the original film bombed in the box office - with a $20 million budget, it only turned $14 million around in ticket sales. However, it grew to become the cult classic we know and love today. Over the years the film made just over $10 million on DVD sales, so the boys eventually scored a small profit. 

No. Pick of Destiny is not the greatest film in the world, but it's a bloody good tribute.

Various sources have claimed the release date for the sequel could be as soon as this October.

Holy Fuckalukadingdong. That seems like a crazy quick turn around. But we'll keep you up to date with anymore information that surfaces.