The new Arctic Monkeys album is finally here and it's like nothing we've heard from them before

Arctic Monkeys 11/05/2018

Vastly different from anything we've ever heard from Arctic Monkeys, 'Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino' is finally here. 

And holy, is it a sonic journey through space and time. It makes you feel stoned just listening.  

After The Rumble played the track  'Four Out Of Five' this morning, many listeners text in comparing the new sound to Bowie.

The album showcases a deeper and more complex side to The Arctic Monkeys - which might not appeal to every fan off the bat, singles aren't obvious, and there's some serious jazzy lounge vibes.  

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Social media and technology come out as major themes for the album - which may feel a bit lame and overdone, but Alex Turner's lyrics are packed with a shitload of wit and originality.
Arctic Monkeys are no longer the indie rockers the world feel in love with twelve years ago. Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino is a bold leap, not dissimilar to Radiohead's Kid A. It's very left of field. Some will love it. Some will hate it.

Here at The Rock office our opinions are divided.  Make your own mind up on the album and have a listen below.