Tool announce they've finished tracking the drums for upcoming album

tool 07/05/2018

On May 2nd, just a couple days ago, 10,000 Days turned twelve. 

Yes, that's right. It's been twelve long years since we got any new Tool.

Waiting for a new Tool album is genuinely worse than watching paint dry.

But with Adam Jones confirming the band is currently recording the album, Tom Morrello saying he's heard new Tool and it's "majestic", the band sharing a snip from upcoming track 'A/Descending' last week... And now the band taking to their Facebook page to announce they've finished tracking drums... Well, our Tool hopes are at a record high.

With the drums in place (save for a segue), we can be pretty damn sure Tool have finally committed to the songs they've painstakingly written and tweaked (and tweaked some more) over the last decade.

There are no words to convey our excitement. New Tool is happening. 2018.