WATCH: Arctic Monkeys new music video feels like a psychological thriller

Arctic Monkeys 14/05/2018

On Friday 11th of May the highly anticipated sixth Arctic Monkey's album 'Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino' dropped. 

It's seen mixed reviews, with many fans freaking out over Alex Turner's choice to swap out his guitar for a piano. Regardless of your stance on the album, the first single 'Four Out Of Five' is a stand out tune. 

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A track about a taco shop on the moon deserves a video equally as surreal as it's subject and sound. 

Directed by Ben Chappell & Aaron Brown, this video makes you feel like you're deep in a psychological thriller.    
It opens with an unstable Alex Turner pacing inside the titular hotel, with a doggo by his side. He overlooks a toy model of the hotel. There's an ominous orange tunnel. A flashing red light. Driving scenes that make Ryan Gosling's Drive pale in comparison to Turner's intensity. Men in red jumpsuits with 'Tranquility Base Hotel and Casino' printed on their backs. And the band are seen creating creepy "virtual lifestyle packages", while performing as the band. 

Interpret it's meaning as you will, the 'Four Out Of Five' video is a trip from start to finish (much like the album).

Check it out above.