13 y/o has been dubbed the new Janis Joplin after she blew minds at her America's Got Talent audition

music news 18/06/2018

Last week thirteen-year-old Courtney Hadwin took the day off from school, faked a tummy bug, and flew to L.A to audition on America's Got Talent - sounds like a bloody mission, but holy hecka, it was worth the effort for the English lass and her Dad... 

Hadwin came on stage nervous, awkward and lanky, then when Otis Reading's 'Hard To Handle' boomed across the speakers, it was literally like a musical swich, the kid turned into an absolute rock star. 

With dance moves Lorde would be jealous of and a voice that gives none other than Janis Joplin a run for her money -  Hadwin has made headlines across the world. 

The judges were gobsmacked, the crowd gave the girl a standing ovation, and she received a 'golden buzzer' which means she's fast-tracked straight to the final live show. 

Bookmakers have already put the odds on her being crowned the winner — it would mean a $1 million (£750,000) prize and, almost definitely a record contract.

With Greta Van Fleet and now this... Is that sixties rock sound about to make a big (and eagerly-anticipated) return?

Well, here's hoping.