Arctic Monkey's accidentally kicked David Bowie off their table

Arctic Monkeys 25/06/2018

Alex Turner and Matt Helders from the Arctic Monkeys have admitted they once accidently kicked rock 'n' roll legend David Bowie off his table before a gig.

In an interview with BBC Radio 2, the members admitted they had a short exchange with the legend.

The members said they had tables at the tip for VIP guests, and Bowie was sitting with whoever he brought with him.

"Our tour manager didn't even realise and he moved him," Turner says.

"[It was] so my brother and his wife could sit there and watch it and have a better view.

"He didn't say anything like, 'I'm David Bowie' - he just moved politely and then came to say hello afterwards."

The date they met Bowie is unknown, but they band have previously spoken about meeting him backstage at their Bowery Ballroom gig in 2006, Metro reports.