Dave Grohl reacts to haters giving the Foos shit for always making the same sound

Foo Fighters 06/06/2018

Over 23 years, with nine illustrious albums, the Foo Fighters have cemented themselves in rock history. Notably, across those nine albums - they've never strayed far from the classic arena-rock sound, which some haters have criticized the band for. 

Grohl told British Airways’ High Life Magazine; “I’ve never felt the need to chase something else,”

“And we get cursed for it: ‘Oh God, it’s another Foo Fighters record.’ Well, yeah! I don’t wanna make a reggae record.”

If you ever change your mind though Grohl, shit would we jam a Foo Fighters reggae album. 

In the same interview, The Foos fearless leader also delved into the bands longevity: 

“You just have to steer the ship. As time passes it goes from being a dingy to a yacht.” 

"We are like brothers," Grohl quipped. 

“It sounds trite but it’s true. Imagine being on a family trip for 20 years. That’s what it’s like being in the Foo Fighters.”