The internet is freaking out that Dave Grohl may have finally lost his scream

Foo Fighters 18/06/2018

Shit's been a bit skimpy on the screaming front at recent Foo Fighter shows, which has made some fans fear for the worst... 

Our mates over at Newshub report more on this story.

Fans have grave fears for Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl's vocal chords, noticing he's been sharing the singing duties on their current 2018 Concrete and Gold tour.

On the band's Reddit page, audience members say whilst the shows have been great, there have been more instrumentals, extended drum solos and much less screaming than usual.

Reddit user TooLongStillRead posted in the fan subgroup that at a recent gig in Antwerp, the quality of his voice was "kind of worrying".

Another fan speculated he may have just been having an off-day.

"I don't think it's shot just yet, but he does seem to have 'off' days more often. (Although in this case he may not be properly over his cold yet.)

"It's a miracle it's held up this long [to be honest], given that he's a smoker who doesn't seem to take particular care of his voice and screams all night long on a regular basis."

The band will be touring their latest album up until October.