WATCH: Guns N' Roses just covered Velvet Revolver's 'Slither,' live in Berlin

Guns n Roses 05/06/2018

Guns N' Roses launched into their first 2018 show on their Not In This Lifetime Tour, on Sunday June 3rd, in Berlin, with one unepxected addition to the setlis.t

GNR brought all the classics we've come to know and love, AND a cover of Velvet Revolver's Grammy-winning 'Slither'. 

Both Slash and Duff are a part of the Velvet Revolver line up, so the song certainly isn't new to them - but it's our first time hearing Axl front a Velvet Revolver track. 

Axl announced: "We're gonna try something. Hope you like it,"

Have a listen to the cover above.