'Appetite For Destruction' is back in Billboard's top 10, 29 years after its last appearance

Guns n Roses 09/07/2018

***The above unboxing competition for the deluxe Guns N Roses Appetite for Destruction: Locked N Loaded boxset is no longer running, we've just included it so you can have a guise at what's inside.***

Originally released in July, 1987, Guns N Roses iconic 'Appetite For Destruction' album has reappeared in the Billboard 200 chart, after more than 29 years since it's last appearance. 

Here in NZ, our official top 40 album chart has 'Appetite for Destruction' reentering at no.4. How bloody good? 

The album has been reissued in a vairety of formats: the standard 12-track remastered album, a new deluxe edition with 18 bonus tracks, a double vinyl LP set, a 73-track super deluxe set and a lavish limited edition Locked N’ Loaded box set (worth $1,500) which you can check out with Bryce above. 

And while you're here, why not give the ol' classic a hoon now.