Lars Ulrich announces Metallica are heading Down Under

Metallica 01/08/2018

Metallica's drummer Lars Ulrich did a recent interview with Met Club (a Metallica fanclub) where he discussed the future plans for the tour of their latest album Hardwired... To Self-Destruct.

And yes, Ulrich said Metallica has "gotta go to Australia," AND made mention of New Zealand. 

We gotta go to Australia,

The boys kicked off their WorldWired Tour in 2016 and have already hit the US, Canada, South America, Europe, Latin America and parts of Asia.

Metallica haven't been over on Kiwi shores since 2010, or Australia since 2013 - so we're well due a visit - AND F*%KING FROTHING OVER THE PROSPECT OF IT ACTUALLY HAPPENING. 

Ulrich told the Met Club: “I mean obviously there’s an end at some point,”

The tour will wrap up in 2019, or "edge into 2020". 

We gotta just sit and look. There’s Japan. There’s Australia. There’s New Zealand. There’s a couple other pockets that obviously Metallica has a long and very cool relationship with, so we just gotta sit down and figure it out.

“But to me the most important thing is, and this goes back to what we were talking about [the last time], the maintenance thing. We gotta go to Japan, we gotta go to Australia, we gotta go here, we gotta go there. That’s fine. As long as it’s done within the boundaries that exist."

“And so you know, I don’t think whether it’s ’19 or ’20 or whatever, to me we’re in a mode where there’s a balance to it now that’s manageable.”

Hey Ulrich, as long as you're coming our way in the not so distant future - we're bloody stoked. 


*Drops everything, cranks up Metallica, runs around office with an air guitar and a big ol' bag of HYPE.*