Ozzy Osbourne moved to tears after watching chick's choir smash out one of his classics

music news 20/07/2018

Well that's not something we thought we'd be seeing in our lifetime... "The Prince of Darkness" in a bloody church. 

On an episode of 'Ozzy and Jack's World Detour' this week, the St. Louis Women's Choir performed a moving rendition of Ozzy's Black Sabbath-era piano ballad "Changes" for the singer and his kids Kelly and Jack. 

Ozzy shared a clip of the episode on Twitter (above), with commentary from his daughter Kelly: "That song stands for so much in our family. It was not only both of our first No. 1's in the U.K., it represented a time in my life and a time in dad's life and it represents our relationship and how much we love each other."

"The St. Louis Women's Choir were bloody amazing," Kelly says, with Ozzy adding, "I was trying to hold back the tears. It was very emotional, beautiful, it was like a room full of angels."