WATCH: AM's Alex Turner losing his train of though live on stage for two minutes straight

Arctic Monkeys 31/07/2018

The internet wants to know where Alex Turner's Oscar is.

NME has written a thorough recount on the Arctic Monkey frontman's journey from skinny legged Indie kid who refuses to do anything in his music videos but stare blankly and play guitar, to a full noise actor three albums later in AM's video for ‘Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High’- in which he does a highly relatable and accurate impression of someone who is cooked out of their mind on some mind altering shit. 

Now the band are taking their latest offering, 'Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino' on tour, and Alex Turner is taking his live performance up a notch - By literally acting out the lyric: "Bear with me man, I lost my train of thought" while performing their new track 'One Point Perspective'. 

Bear with me man, I lost my train of thought

He'll stop, he'll pause, he'll point, he'll turn around, he'll gesture to the audience asking if they know. 

It's a f%#king funny watch.  

He's like a living, breathing, live meme.

Watch a full two minutes of Alex Turner losing his train of though, above that one loyal fan has pieced together, or check out our fave take of the 'One Point Perspective' gag below.