Brian Johnson spotted outside recording studios with fellow former AC/DC member, new album on its way?

AC DC 09/08/2018

Former AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson has been spotted having a laugh in Vancouver with ex-drummer Phil Rudd, sparking some mad excitement among AC/DC fanatics who believe the reunion could well mean a new album.

Johnson was replaced by Axl Rose in 2016, after suffering from a serious case of hearing loss. Rudd left in 2015 following ongoing legal problems. 

Okay. So, the lads are just hanging out then? 

Wrong, Vancouver is the city where the Aussie legends have recorded every single one of their albums for the last two decades. 

AND they were pictured outsdie the Canadian city's Warehouse Studios. 

It's been claimed the rest of the band are in tow too. Stevie Young, who took over from his Uncle Malcolm as rhythm guitarist in 2014, is also in Vancouver according to Vancouver news website The Straight.  

Yet to hear anything on Angus - But we'll keep you updated as more details emerge. 

Bloody exciting shit.