Damon Albarn discusses Blur reunion and new album

Music 13/08/2018

A reunion is never not a possibility,

In a recent interview with British tabloid The Sun, former Blur frontman and keyboardist, Damon Albarn revealed the 90's band getting back together and recording a new album is almost definitely a given. 

“I think most definitely at some point we’ll play those songs again. I’d hate to think I’d never play with those musicians again.”

“A reunion is never not a possibility,” he explained.

The original full Blur line up consisted of Alex James on bass, drummer Dave Rowntree and Graham Coxon who shared vocals with Albarn and rocked the guitar, until he chose to leave the band in 2007. 

As far as new music goes, it's all about the "right time" for Albarn. 

He explained in his interview with The Sun that he felt if he got the timing wrong, he could risk looking like a big-ego twat, making a tribute band for himself.  

You want to feel that people really, really, really want you to do it, otherwise you’re kind of becoming a tribute act to yourself.

“You destroy everything that you’ve created if you do."

“Some days I really fancy doing a Blur song in the middle of a Gorillaz set. I’ve never tried it, but I probably shouldn’t."

Since the 90's icons went on a hiatus after their 2015 offering 'Tthe Magic Whip', Albarn has focused a huge portion of his energy on his virtual band The Gorillaz, dropping two albums in the last few years - with another reportedly on its way.

Here's hoping that "right time" for Blur, Albarn's best band, is in the not so distant future

How good would some fresh Blur be? 

Dun dun da-da dun dun, da-da dun, dun dun.