Korn drummer announces they have begun tracking new album

Korn 13/08/2018

Korn have taken a  break from touring for the most part of 2018, but they certainly haven't been f*%king around. 

Nah mate, they've used their time off to come up with a shitload of fresh ideas for a new album - which we can't bloody wait to wrap our earholes around.

And now, finally it looks as though the band are back in the recording studios. 

Drummer Ray Luzier shared a pic from his recent tracking session on his social media. 

Captioned: "Great day of tracking at Rock Falcon Studios," 

Luzier hashtagged in Nick Raskulinecz, the producer for their last album and a bit of a Nashville legend - having produced for the likes of Alice In Chains, Foo Fighters, Mastodon, Rise Against and Rush. 

Bets on Reskulinecz producing this upcoming reocrd too.

Korn's guitarist Munky retweeted Luzier's sentiment with a simple "Yes," and emojis for a CD and a checkmark.

No word from singer Jonathan Davis, but looks like he's still preoccupied with his solo work, having released his first solo album Black Labyrinth earlier this year.

Davis has got a few tour dates booked in for September - but we imagine he'll be joining the rest of the band later this year. 

Fingers crossed for a new Korn album getting an early 2019 release.  

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