Little kid cooks his Mum's romantic proposal, starts peeing as the bloke drops a knee

funny shit 29/08/2018

Getting proposed to/proposing is supposed to be a romantic affair... Some folks plan out every last detail. Some get it filmed. And some have their toddler taking a whizz next to them. 

Well, maybe just these guys.

Kevin Prytzula decided to pop the question to his missus Allyssa Anter at the exact same moment her son Owen decided he needed to pee.

Unfortunate timing from the little sprout. 

Oh my God, he's peeing, are you serious?

You'd feel for pool ol' mate Kev if it wasn't so damn funny.  

According to his mum, Owen's a serial public-whizzer. 

"He pees outside at home, sometimes in the yard and we went and got ice cream the other day and he did it in the parking lot there,"

He just does it without telling anybody; he just pulls his pants down and goes.

Hey mate, when you gotta go, you gotta go. 

And to be fair to little Owen he does actually announce at the very start of the video "I gotta pee outside."

The couple were too smitten to notice.  

And a little piss didn't stop Alyssa from saying yes. 

Watch the whole thing go down above. 

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