Looks like new Disturbed music is set to be released later this week

disturbed 13/08/2018

Over the weekend American metal heros; Disturbed shared the date "8/16/2018" to their social media. 

Alluding to NEW MUSIC. 

This post follows a statement the band released last week, announcing they've completed a new album and asking fans to choose between a ballad or a heavy track as the records lead single. 

The statement read:

The new record is done! The new album includes many styles of music. Since our last album and the recent footage from the studio, we’ve seen a lot of discussion about the evolution of our new music. Disturbed Ones, we have decided to embrace the debate. For our next single – what kind of sound do you want it to be?

The PRP reports that "heavy" won by a landslide, so sounds like we're getting a new heavy-hitting Disturbed jam this Thursday (August 16).

We'll keep you posted.