WATCH: 450 Aussie electric guitarists break world record by collectively jamming out to AC/DC

AC DC 14/08/2018

A whopping Aussie 457 guitarists just took their punt at setting a new world record over the weekend at the Sydney Guitar Festival.  

Led by Aussie band the Choir Boys, the group collectively rocked out to AC/DC's classic tune 'Highway To Hell' with the aim of breaking the record for the most people playing the same song at the same time on electric guitars. 

The record was previously held by 368 people in India, so organisers are stoked, feeling confident they've taken the record out.

Although official confirmation from Guinness  World Records could take up to six weeks. 

Watch footage of the staggering record attempt above. 

Mini batter-powered amplifiers were given to each performer.

“They were tiny amps but they got the sound happening,” festival spokeswoman Tatiana Marchant told AAP. “It was such a great atmosphere.”

And to make this story even more feel good, the cash raised through registrations for the record attempt will be going to the Australian Children’s Music Foundation.

How good?