Pearl Jam created a poster of the White House in flames and an eagle eating Trump's corpse

Pearl Jam 16/08/2018

To promote a recent gig in Montana Pearl Jam released a poster showing he White House in flames and an eagle having a good go at President Donald Trump’s dead body.

Needless to say, people are divided.

Pearl Jam taking their political views to a whole new extreme. 

The band’s bassist, Jeff Ament, designed it with his artist mate Bobby Brown, aka Bobby Draws Skullz.

The boys posted it to their social media with the caption “Y’all know the deal,”

“We’re at a tipping point, and it’s time for action.”

They the band urged locals fans to get behind the reelection of a Montana Democratic Senator.

 “[He] is the real deal,"

Jeff Ament later told the Rolling Stone: “The role of artists is to make people think and feel, and the current administration has us thinking and feeling,”

 “I was the sole conceptualist of this poster, and I welcome all interpretations and discourse.  Love, from the First Amendment, Jeff Ament.”

Onya Jeff.