WATCH: Roof actually breaks on Limp Bizkit while they're belting out 'Break Stuff'

Limp Bizkit 22/08/2018

Limp Bizkit's 'Break Stuff' took a very literal turn during a gig last week, when the band was belting out the anthem and a roof actually broke on guitarist Wes Borland. 

During the band’s set in Winchester, England on August 12th, the roof where the band was performing, collapsed, with water swamping guitarist Wes Borland's pedalboard. 

“Aww, shit!” laughed Fred Durst. “The pedalboard is gonna go out right now.”

The band battled through the rest of the track before Borland's rig gave up. 

Watch the video above 

Unfortunately, the guitar rig just blew up,

Durst added: “On that note, I’d like to say how grateful I am, because tonight, genuinely, was fucking incredible. Thank you so much.”

Borland posted a photo of the pedalboard afterwards on Instagram. “This is what a pedalboard looks like when it rains all day and the ceiling of the stage you're playing breaks open and a jacuzzi amount of water gets dumped on top of you on the second to last song of your set.”