WATCH: Crowd lifts Oasis superfan in a wheelchair to watch Liam Gallagher sing Wonderwall

Oasis 23/08/2018

These days, with all the headlines about shooting and Trump, terrorists and those god damn house prices, the fear-mongering, the madness... Sometimes it feels like humanity sucks a big ol' bag of dicks. 

And sometimes a feel good video of a crowd of punters at a Liam Gallagher gig picking up a diehard Oasis fan a wheelchair who was struggling to see and letting him watch 'Wonderwall' in a prime position is exactly what ya wanna see. 

The bloke in the wheelchair, Michael Reynolds, was intially in the disabled access area, but wanted to watch the show with his mates, so ventured into the standing area. 

When 'Wonderwall' came on 20 or so top-notch people came to the aid of Reynolds, and made it a bloody amazing moment for the lad. 

Check out the outstanding moment above.