Rock up your day with Greta Van Fleet's newest release; 'Lover, Leaver'

new music 25/09/2018

Michigan rockers, Greta Van Fleet preview their highly-anticipated debut album with a new track titled; 'Lover, Leaver (Taker, Believer)'.

The band (in their late teens, early 20's) are renowned for their 70's revivalist sound - And they've stayed true to their signature style in this bluesy track; think big drum fills and wild rock n' roll yelps.

Not to mention, 'Lover, Leaver' is about two of rock'n'rolls most beloved muses; love and satan.

Shes an angel straight from hell, draws me to the deep, croons frontman Josh Kiszka.

In the darkness way below, its my heart shell keep.

This is the third single from Greta Van Fleet's upcoming record Anthem Of The Peaceful Army, following up their lead single; 'When The Curtain Falls' and the recent 'Watching Over'.

The full-length album follows the band's two 2017 EPs Black Smoke Rising and From The Fires.

These releases saw Greta Van Fleet soar to mainstream popularity with tracks like 'Flower Power', 'Safari Song' and 'A Change Is Gonna Come' - their single 'Highway Tune' scored the highest debut in The Rock 1500 countdown this year (at a mind-blowing #13).

Anthem of the Peaceful Army is set to be released 19th October. Can't wait to wrap our ears around it.

Check out the tracklist:

1. "Age of Man" 6:06
2. "The Cold Wind" 3:16
3. "When the Curtain Falls" 3:42
4. "Watching Over" 4:28
5. "Lover, Leaver" 3:34
6. "You're the One" 4:25
7. "The New Day" 3:44
8. "Mountain of the Sun" 4:30
9. "Brave New World" 5:00
10. "Anthem" 4:41

The boys are currently touring America with each show reportedly getting bigger and badder as they go.

So, here's hoping with a new album, we can get them over on Kiwi shores soon.
Hell, we know the legions of Kiwi Greta fans will make it worth their while.

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