Anthony Kiedis confirms Red Hot Chili Peppers are heading back into the studio

Red Hot Chili Peppers 14/09/2018

Red Hot Chili Peppers are about to head back to the studio, and begin work on the follow up to 2016' 'The Getaway'.

Frontman Anthony Kiedis confirmed the news during an interview with New York Post during the NY Fashion Week. Kiedis said the band were set to re-enter the recording studios in two weeks, where they'll starty work on a new album 

'The Getaway' was criticized for playing it a little too safe, but is largely seen as an improvement on the previous releae 'I'm With You'. Here's to this next one being bigger and better yet. 

It'll be the twelvth RHCP release, and the third with this current line-up of Kiedis, Chad Smith on drums, Flea on bass and Josh Klinghoffer on the guitar.  

In other Chili's news Flea's memoir 'Acid For The Children' is set to be released later this month (September 25).

Flea has previously confessed: “[he has] been around substance abuse since the day [he] was born.” 


The book is set to be a bloody roller coaster, from living on the streets to rockstar success. 

So if you need something to read, this has you all over it.