Corey Taylor's writing new music for Stone Sour, spills the beans on Slipknot plans for 2019

Slipknot 11/09/2018

Not only is there new Stone Sour music on it's way, but Corey Taylor has confirmed he's going to be focusing 2019 on Slipknot. 

God damn, that gets us heated.

Obviously I'm going to do Slipknot next year.

Speaking with HEAVY Music Interviews, Taylor said:

"We started writing new [Stone Sour] music pretty much as soon as we got on the road," 

We're just can't be stopped. We're gluttons for punishment at this point.

"The cool thing is knowing that we've got all this great material, we can kinda enjoy the rest as much as we can because we know when it's time to really start ramping up the demo machine, we're gonna have all this cool stuff to listen to. There's no pressure for us to just run right in."

Then on Slipknot Taylor said: "Obviously I'm going to do Slipknot next year, and it will allow the audience to miss [Stone Sour], which is the best thing in the world you can have. That built-in need for a band to come back just when you think you can't wait any longer, here comes this band and they're like, 'Goddamn, they're so good right now."

Listen to the full IV below.