Maynard gives us an update on the upcoming Tool album

tool 11/09/2018

Waiting for this new Tool album at times has felt more painful than watching paint dry, but good news comrades, Maynard's given us some detail on the upcoming release. 

The frontman posted to Twitter: "Scratch vox tracked awhile ago. AJ (Adam Jones) deep in guitars now. Final vox after. Step back. Adjust. Mix. Adjust. Re-Adjust. Master. Adjust. Re-Adjust."

Finishing with, "Long way 2 go but much closer," with the hashtags #TOOL and #2019 added.

Well, that's some bloody exciting news.

Yes, we know, Tool members Danny Carey and Adam Jones got us all a little barred up over the possibility of a 2018 release, but all true Tool fans know how meticulous this band is when it comes to their music... And we're pretty damn certain it'll all be worth the wait. 

#TOOL #2019

And now, a video of Rog jamming out to Tool.