Neil Finn just made his Fleetwood Mac debut on Ellen and it's even better than we expected

Neil Finn 06/09/2018

Ol' mate Neil Finn just made his debut as a member of Fleetwood Mac on last night's episode of Ellen (05/09/18). 

And me oh my. Did we enjoy that. Yes boy. 

Alongside fellow Fleetwood newbie Mike Campbell (from Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) and the rest of the band, Finn belted out two of the band's classics - The Chain and Gypsy.

Proud moment for New Zealand. 

Finn takes bloody centrestage. He's the big deal. Next to Stevie god damn Nicks.

Finn and Campbell joined the band, after the rest of them had had enough of Lindsey Buckingham's shit and gave him the boot. 

Check out Neil Finn's first Fleetwood Mac performances above and below.