Nickelback did a decent Metallica cover and nobody knows how to feel

Nickelback 13/09/2018

Anti-Nickelback'ers are going through waves of shock as they process the reality of a half-decent Metallica cover coming out of one of the most meme'd bands of all time. 

“Fuck, now I actually have to say I like something nickelback has done,” wrote one Twitter user, aptly.

Another said: "Sad but true …. better than Metallica does it? For real .. WOW …”

Not everyone's convinced... 

“Nice try Nickelback but you’re still dogshit, Metallica are eons ahead of you in longevity, lyrically, instrumentally,” read another tweet.

But that won't stop the pro-Nickelbacker's celebrating.


And as it turns out there's a shitload of this Nickelback-loving species, here in New Zealand - well, going by all the Nickelback votes in this year's countdown...

That, or a small army are pulling a Jim and trying to sabotage the holy grail that is the Rock 1500. 

Either way, Nickelback covered Metallica's 'Sad But True' way back in 2008. It's resurfaced online over the last couple of days. And it's actually one hell of a cover. 

Give it a hoon in the video above.