Racing are back with their neck-spraining new single ‘Party Slow’

Kiwi Rock Soundcheck 26/09/2018

The third offering from Racing’s upcoming debut album is a colossal wall of guitars stuffed into three minutes of pop rock prowess.

Yeah, we stole that from the PR guys - but shit, they bloody hit the nail on its head.  

The track's got crunch, fuzz, slap, punch and even a little tickle. Ripping guitars, bass, drums and vocals give this track that boomfa, that mayhem.... 

That sense that if you were to make a playlist titled: “I’m about to lose my phone, wallet, keys and mind in a single night” then this would be track number one on it. 
Released on Friday (Sep 21) ‘Party Slow’ was added to Spotify’s New Music Friday and Apple’s ‘Best of the Week’ and is sure to become a new favourite Summer spin. 

Give 'Party Slow' a listen now, below.