WATCH: Aerosmith performing 'Walk This Way' on toy instruments will make your bloody day

Aerosmith 14/09/2018

Aerosmith performed "Walk This Way" like never before when they joined Jimmy Fallon and The Tonight Show house band the Roots to re-create the rock anthem with toy instruments.

Just the frame with fourteen musicians crowded into a tiny space is enough for us to break a laugh... Then when the 1975 rock anthem kicks off with Steven Tyler fronting the tune with two apple shakers. Holy hecka - Just try to watch and not crack a haha. 

And the whole band's invovled in the toy synthony.

Tom Hamilton gives the tambourine a smackdown. Joe Perry really showing that ukulele who is boss. Joey Kramer going hundies on a toy drum. And Brad Whitford's all about the maraca.

Meanwhile The Roots take on various other toy instruments including the ol' wooden blocks and xylophone.

Pretty much every single one of the musicians sing the lyrics, creating orchestral carnage if you will. Absolute chaos. The bands confusion (bar Tyler) only adds to the hilarity.

Probably won't be a go for future Aerosmith gigs, but worth a watch and a laugh. 

Check it out above.