Bring Me The Horizon reveal they were writing for Limp Bizkit and shit did not go well

Limp Bizkit 23/10/2018

Bring Me The Horizon shared a new tune over the weekend and a whole lot of insight on a Limp Bizkit album that wasn't to be. 

Their new track 'Wonderful Life' was actually written for Fred Durst and the Bizkit boys... But their writing sessions went haywire. 

During an interview BBC Radio 1's Rock Show With Daniel P. Carter, Bring Me The Horizon's lead singer spoke about the song and his work with Durst. 

"Last year, me and Jordan [Fish] went and worked with Fred Durst on a Limp Bizkit album. It just didn’t work out, to be honest. He just didn’t show up most of the time,"

"Lovely guy, but I don’t think he was ready to make an album. I think he was pushed into it a bit, like, his managers and people said ‘These are the guys you want to work with.’ So we gave him all these ideas and I mean it was just bad from day one, to be honest."

Syke's then spoke about the new song Wonderful Life and it's origins;  “It’s one of them things, looking back, where it wasn’t meant to be. One good thing came out of it: me and Jordan wrote this riff and I one day decided the tempo and key matched almost perfectly with the song. So we de-Bizkit‘d it a bit, and it ended up sounding pretty sick.”

Looks like we're a wee while off a new Limp Bizkit album then. 

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