Corey Taylor gives brutal insight on why rock & metal are "ignored" by the music industry

corey Taylor 12/10/2018

In an absolute stitch up, rap crew Migos scored the AMAs best Rock/Pop Group accolade yesterday, and Post Malone took out the best Male Rock/Pop solo artist... 

What a bloody sham.

This news only cements a fact we've known for a long time; rock music has been served the middle finger by mainstream music. 

Despite insanely talented new rock acts coming through, such as; Greta Van Fleet, Highly Suspect and Royal Blood - all of whom are acheiving phenomenal music sales, touring the world and introducing new sprouts to the wonderful world of rock - rock music is simply no longer coming under mainstream music's radar.

Gone are the early 2000's, where pop rock was king and bands like Kings of Leon, The Killers and Arctic Monkeys dominated the music charts. Now, in their place are a bunch of dudes mumbling and a looped drum machine. 

How did we get here? What does it mean for the future of rock? 

Fuck the industry. They’ll burn soon anyway... they always do.

A wider convesation around the state of rock started yesterdsy, after American music personality Eddie Trunk shared Loudwire's story on the Migos situation, and vented his frustrations to Twitter:

"So sick and tired of rock music being treated so cluelessly and disrespectfully by EVERY mainstream awards show. It’s sickening, disgusting and offensive. @AMAs⁩ took it to new lows last night #AMAs American Pop & Hip Hop Awards. Fucking joke."

A fan tweeted back asking, "I’m not in the industry, just a fan, but why is this? Why are rock and metal ignored? Why aren’t they played more on the network stations? I know it has something to do with money, but money can be made. There is a HUGE market for GOOD MUSIC!"

To which ol' mate Corey Taylor responded with a killer point.  

They can’t control us. They can’t use us to sell Pepsi.

"They know it makes money. But to them it’s dirty money. To them, real rock/metal is: neanderthal, low-brow, common. Too much attitude. They can’t control us. They can’t use us to sell Pepsi. So fuck the industry. They’ll burn soon anyway... they always do."

A twitter user thought they was a good moment to point out how Corey was a Grammy winner. Isn't that mainstream acknowledgement? 

Not bloody good enough, mate. 

Corey responded, "We got one back when there were actual rock/metal bands nominated and winning. But that was only one of two categories they’ve allowed us to have. Now they’ve whittled us down to one category. And nominate bands/acts that have no business in it, sometimes."

It might not have the highest streams, or no.1 hits on Billboard, but Rock music isn't going anywhere. We will dominate again. Music comes in waves. And in the meantime, you know we'll always bring you good Rock music.