WATCH: Maynard lifts his cellphone ban on the live debut of new A Perfect Circle track, crowd loses it

music news 24/10/2018

During the live debut of the new A Perfect Circle track; 'Delicious' at their show in Utah over the weekend, the band lifted their infamous cellphone band. 

APC's brutal hatred of cellphones is so intense, over 60 punters were thrown out of gigs just last year alone. 

Guitarist Billy Howerdel explained their motive in an interview with Montreal Gazette; “First of all, it’s just rude. Putting up a phone in front of someone’s face so they get to watch the show through it? Getting a memento of the show — sure, I’ve done it myself. But then you ask, ‘What am I gonna do with this?’” 

He's got a f*cking point. 

However, the rule got a hallpass, and APC fans have been flooding their social feeds with Maynard-approved clips. 

"A present from grandpa."

Check some of the vids below.