Stone Sour are treating us all with a remastered vinyl version of their debut album

Stone Sour 10/10/2018

Stone Sour are treating their fans to a remastered/revamped vinyl copy of their self-titled debut album. This sweet package will also include a live CD of the boys at House of Brick, back in 2002.

The Stone Sour album went gold in 2003 and the tune "Get Inside" scored a Grammy nod. Can't believe it's 16 years old, but high time for a remastering. 

This limited release is a special for the Black Friday Record Sale. 

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The track listing is as follows: 

Side A

1) Get Inside (Explicit Remastered Version)

2) Orchids (Remastered Version)

3) Cold Reader (Explicit Remastered Version)

4) Blotter (Remastered Version)

5) Choose (Explicit Remastered Version)

6) Monolith (Remastered Version)

Side B

1) Inhale (Remastered Version)

2) Bother (Explicit Remastered Version)

3) Blue Study (Explicit Remastered Version)

4) Take A Number (Remastered Version)

5) Idle Hands (Explicit Remastered Version)

6) Tumult (Remastered Version)

7) Omega (Explicit Remastered Version)

Bonus CD

1) Intro (Superego) (Live 2002)

2) Get Inside (Explicit Live 2002)

3) Orchids (Live 2002)

4) The Wicked (Live 2002)

5) Idle Hands (Explicit Live 2002)

6) Choose (Explicit Live 2002)

7) Rules Of Evidence (Live 2002)

8) Inhale (Live 2002)

9) Blue Study (Explicit Live 2002)

10) Cold Reader (Explicit Live 2002)

11) Blotter (Live 2002)

12) Monolith (Live 2002)

If you're not sure what Black Friday is - In the US, Black Friday Sales are kinda like if our NZ Boxing Day took an unhealthy dose of roids. Black Friday is on Friday November 23rd, the day after the American's Thanks Giving and is generally regarded as the start of the Christmas shopping season.

God speed.

So, you'll wanna be quick if you'd like to nab a copy of this album. More details here.