Three epic rock bands who bloody well hate their band names

funny shit 29/10/2018

While bands with stupid ass names like Panic! At The Disco and Jimmy Eat World are fairly obvious culprits to have lived a life of name regret... There's a few unepxected bands we're actually big fans of, that feel less than great about their name.

Think Arctic Monkeys, Foo Fighters and Smashing Pumpkins.

Here's why: 

Arctic Monkeys 

I mean we've always wondered what the hell it means... Turn out frontman Alex Turner doesn't know either, passing the responsibility over to guitarist Jamie Cook. 

“I’ve no idea where it came from. It was Jamie’s fault, he came up with it and he’s never even told us why. If he even knows, he’s keeping it a secret from me.”  

Giving some more insight on their youthful rookie move, Turner explained “This is the first band I’ve been in,” 

A lot of people in bands have a few goes at it before they find the one that works but with us, we all started playing guitar and everything at the same time.

“There might have been other ideas for offshoots at the time, but the Monkeys was the first one. It sound like a first band name, doesn’t it? It’s so bad that the tribute bands don’t sound worse. I saw there’s an Aertex Monkeys, that’s pretty clever.”

Arctic Monkeys

Foo Fighters 

Foo Fighters was the official term given to US pilots who reported UFOs during WWII. Bloody dope band name if you're asking us. 

However, ol' mate Dave Grohl vehemently disagrees. 

Apparently, he was going through a UFO phase, and an intense one at that, when he pulled 'Foo Fighters' out of an alien book and named his new band... Obviously, not expecting Foo Fighters to then become one of the biggest rock bands in the world under the alien-themed moniker.  

“Had I actually considered this to be a career, I probably would have called it something else, because it’s the stupidest fucking band name in the world,”

“Had I imagined that it would last more than a month-and-a-half, I might have named it something else,” Grohl said in a CBS interview

It’s the dumbest band name ever.

Foo Fighters

Smashing Pumpkins 

Maybe it was all the punishing band name puns that finally tore the band apart? 

Even the Simpsons went in on the Smashing Pumpkins band name.

One things for sure. Former bassist  D’Arcy Wretzky isn't a fan (figures). The bassist famously told the Washinton Post her true feelings on the Smashing Pumpkins; "a stupid name, a dumb bad joke and a bad idea.”

Right in the jugular Wrestsky.

Smashing Pumpkins

As far as regrets go... We reckon we'd take being mega rockstars with a little name shame anyday. 

But hey Grohl, if you wanna switch shit up, we'd be more than happy to send ya some credit card debt, a psychotic ex or our 45 extra kilos of fried chicken love...